12 Days of Christmas Promotion

In the spirit of the holiday season, we would like to offer our fans the chance to win a free Vayne top before anyone else is wearing it. Starting today, December 1st, we will be featuring our 12 days of Christmas promotion.



1. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram

2. Use #VayneHoliday in your post or tweet

3. Share how you plan to wear Vayne, how you are Vayne, or how you can't wait for the launch of Vayne, ect... The options are unlimited, so have fun and be creative!

4. On December 12th one lucky winner will be announced.


Enter to be one of the first people wear Vayne before anyone else. Good luck! <3

*All rights are reserved to Vayne Lifestyle. Winner will receive a free item and will be non-refundable. Cannot exchange for another garment, or be refunded for cash or store credit. Victor cannot resell this item.
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By Alley, on

I’ll be entering this today – hope I win!! :)

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