Happy New Year!

2014 has been a crazy year here at Vayne, and we want to take the time to reflect on our progress of launching this brand.

It has been a wonderful and exciting year, but a TON of hard work, dedication, and long days/nights have gone into making this all possible. The idea of Vayne has been a lifelong dream, and cannot believe how much others are equally excited for the launch of our brand as we are. We want to thank everyone for their loyalty and passion for our collection.

Throughout the past year we have made a lot of progress. Hammered down our logo and branding identity, establishing a social media presence, developing a website, selecting garments, styling and shooting models wearing our clothing, and promoting it to the world. All of these things have been done in-house, and we couldn't feel more gratified.

Early 2015 we are excited to be purchasing more styles, bringing in additional colors, and gearing up for spring/summer. Along this process we'll start really focusing on building up inventory, and getting everything ready to go for our big launch. The official date is still TDB, but we will keep everyone in the loop on when to expect Vayne. In addition, we will continue to run promotions and giveaways, offer pre-sales on select items to build up brand hype and awareness.

Here's to 2015 be an amazing year!

A brief video of our year's highlights:


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