Photoshoots: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful

Whenever you hear the term "photo shoot" often times people think about how fun and glamorous they are. In reality... not so much. Are they fun? Hell yeah! Are they also stressful, and exhausting?? Yes and more yes! Glamorous??! Usually not. As much as rolling around in the sand looks sexy, quite frankly it's kinda dirty, and shit gets discombobulated easily. The reality is the camera is a magical little device that can make anything look awesome. In this post, I want to highlight the pros and cons of shoots and give a little sneak peek of how things really go down.

Phase 1: Plan my ass off. I have to do tons of research on what competitors are doing in the market, determine how I want to stylize my new collection, what photographers to work with, models, location, makeup, and the list goes on and on... It's actually quite brain-scrambling, for real.

Vayne Lifestyle Photoshoot

Playing dress up with the models is always fun.

Phase 2: Get shit done. Once I get all my crazy ideas nailed down, now it's time to get everything organized. This could mean anything as far as going shopping for props, pairing garments, picking out shoes, hair care products, you name it. I try to stick to one theme per shoot, so I can remain focused during this step. It eventually means I'll be gathering a couple laundry baskets full of goodies, and a rolling rack of all my samples.

Gotta love hair whips. Only about 2 out of all 23532819 shots will turn out cool. But when you nail the shot, it's pretty sick.

Phase 3: Go time. After weeks or even months of planning, at last the magical day has arrived. By now, I have officially not slept in days and am just hoping for the best. Luckily the photographer and talent are always on-point; so that takes a huge toll of my weary mind. If there's one thing I've learned the most about photoshoots, is that I just gotta roll with the punches and improvise as needed. Many times the bottoms I pulled, don't fit the model and I might feel SOL; but luckily in the creative world there's always a backup plan.

Amande Space Photoshoot

Vayne Lifestyle Photoshoot

Yep that's me just creepin' in the background. :)


Phase 4: The moment of relief. By now, the shoot is already well under way, and everyone has finally set into their full-on creative mojo. This is the fun part. When the awkwardness is no longer present and I start seeing some killler photos. It's that magical moment when I realize all your hard work has paid off, and this shit is gonna be awesome. Everyone is pumped.

The reality of outdoor shoots is that you will always encounter an small audience, and they will stare at you like zoo animals. You just gotta embrace the awkwardness... Also changing wardrobes - that shit can get real weird, real fast when there's not a pop up tent on site.

Phase 5: That's a wrap! Yeah... super cliche, but yes I've always wanted to say that. This little hott mess can officially crash in peace and go back to a normal lifestyle.

Poor Maddie, that water is cold AF.


Trying to remain clean after playing in wet sand = impossible. Luckily, she's a trooper!


So there ya have it. A little BTS action of crazy, chaotic, but fun life with photo shoots.





Models  /  Maddie @mchavez04  /  Karina @thehippiemovement  /  Alexis @lexiz_xox

Photographers  /  Kendal Maack @kkendolll  /  Jaicee Morgan @jaicee.morgan




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