Our M.O.

Graphic Apparel for women. Vayne is the beautiful contradiction of tomboy and femme fatale. Perfectly designed pieces for the beach-goers, concrete-jungle worshipers, and roaming nomads. The collection derives from the founder’s personal style and creative originality. As a free spirit, self-proclaimed rebel, and entrepreneurial backbone, Kacie Ehrecke established Vayne spring of 2015. Her passion for beachy-vibes, sunny weather, and an active lifestyle inspired her to branch out and develop her first line of casual-wear.

Our mission is to empower women to be strong, sexy, witty, and confident. Modern society considers women being "vain" as a bad thing; and that we should fit a certain modest role. We say, "F" that! Life is too short, and we are all too damn fabulous. So in short, this is our little way of supporting the feminist movement by helping remind women it's okay to flaunt it if they got it. Help support our cause by tagging you pics with #VayneBitch.